I made appointment with my friend to cry today.. Just in case. Emotions bottled up has to be released. Those korean drama girls always cry and hit their chest.. and stagggered cries. When i cry in my heart.. these images flashes by as though I was crying. yet only minor tears well up on my eyes. the tears went down my throat and disappeared in my tummy…

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it’s funny I don’t feel hungry today.even if I’m hungry I don’t feel like eating . The cough is really quite bad.. And boss organize Ktv on Friday… Can’t ignore cause they told her I could sing. U know visibility shit. I walk pass 7-11 and I decided to buy a pack of gummy sweets. I wonder what is so nice about this. I took the long pink sugar coated one and suck it into my mouth .. Omg so sour. I made a face but caught the attention of a passerby. I had to look at the bag of sweets to divert his attention. I think the after effect of sour is sweet … I thought maybe need to go throughout sour then can appreciate sweetness…

I’m under my block now sulking over my break up. U r right it’s my fault and I’ve decided yesterday. No point begging you to come back. I’m quite worried about the Taiwan trip too…. And I wonder how will I feel if one day i know that u r keeping the house and stay w your ex. I am really upset and soon I’ll cut my hair as a form of finale …

It’s my fault I let u go… Ur a man of words… But shocked when you said I could have gotten chance to negotiate… That was after unsaid we are over…

But I would never imagine that this time it would be so devastating. I shall let time heal… Wish u well too.

I’m sorry, indeed I’m not ready for a commitment. Laughter… laugh at myself… Ommmm Ommm let’s pray.

I might just leave here soon.. tml is a good day to cut my hair right? like the song… 短发.


you broke up with me with sms…

the only excuse to ask u out to break up with me is to see you the last time.

cooling period is for u and me to reduce our love towards each other before we finally break up.

ok then…

im so hungry i didnt eat much.

i just want to lay on my bed and emo… i wonder why do i emo so much. where is the bubbly stacey? this vacation is taking too long. come back to senses. I Must be happy.

They say loving someone true heartedly is stupid because when you lose control, the other party may run away. Thats my greatest fear now. I Don’t know how to stop my love… I’m sorry my love for you is making you hard to breathe. I’m stupid to have fallen so deeply into this shit. Sherli says Cancerian man dont like to be pampered too much or they will take the girl for granted. Well, thank you but too late for the advice. I will keep note going forward.

I’m so tired and sick of this. Why can’t love be controlled by a meter? Kenneth doesn’t love me as much and its killing me.

When will he leave me?

The suspend is painful.

I wish i can quit the love feeling or else soon i will feel like dust to him.

Dear dear…

using the missing u energy to write this post.

You must be wondering why did i go mia and now try to be vengeful to me by replying slower. Or maybe you are happily enjoying your company outing? honestly i dislike your bank always occupying my time with you. I rather you be working late than enjoying the attention that your company is giving you. You are good.. i know and everyone loves you. I would rather you keep to yourself and reserve all your time for me and be mine and only mine. Can you?

 Haha.. its hard.. cause you’re a star. 看着星星,想着你, 在我心里你是唯一. I enjoy the idea that you don’t know about this blog, then i can say what i want. Maybe you found the blog by behind my back and decided to keep it from me? Haha… thats nice too cause you would know what I’m really thinking?

I find that our relationship had grown stronger each time we quarrel. I wish to remain as sweet as this and last week where we accomodate and give in and express our love to each other. This shall be the way and i wish that this continues. I find that I trust you further and I really with you enjoy yourself after a week of hard work. Remember treat your dear dear well and good luck shall bestow onto you.

Thank you for removing those photos on 24th Sep 🙂 I know u love me to bits and can’t get enough of me… right?

I love you. Please take care and dont forget to call me at 12 mid night as promised.

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This song is for you dear dear…


Oh pretty boy
pretty boy
pretty boy~~
Say you love me too

Oh my pretty pretty boy
I love you
Like I never ever loved no one before you
Pretty pretty boy you’re mine
Just tell me you love me too
Oh my pretty pretty boy
I need you
Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
Let me inside
Make me stay, right beside you.


today i didnt miss you that much. Was it because I didnt took female hormones? You said you would remove the photos but nope. I guess not yet. Boo hoo… I know u care.. so please i beg u .,. remember to remove them.



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